Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sexual Detox

Today, as you know, a guy needs only to turn on his computer and, within two or three clicks of the mouse, he can have unlimited access to unlimited amounts of pornography.  Today it is actually far more difficult to avoid pornography than it is to find it.
This quote comes from a helpful, free e-book by Tim Challies entitled, "Sexual Detox, A Guide for the Married Guy."  I just finished reading this and would now put it in my top two or three resources for our battle against sexual sin.  Tim does a phenominal job of showing the dangers of lust and pornography from a biblical perspective.  One of the best chapters, in my opinion, is entitled, "A Theology of Sex," where he does a masterful job of showing the God-designed beauty and intent of sex. 

Let's face it guys, lust and pornography are HUGE struggles with men today.  I say "today" because as Tim wrote, porn is far more difficult, in our day, to avoid than to find.  I have counseled numerous young men (and even not so young men) who struggle with the guilt and negative effects of lust and pornography.

Men, God has a better plan for you.  Not a plan of withholding something good and wonderful, but of helping you enter into something good and wonderful and helping you to avoid incredible guilt and pain.  I would urge you to give this little e-book a read (it's only 29 pages long) and enter into the blessing that our Creator has for us.

Sexual Detox A Guide for the Single Guy

Sexual Detox A Guide for the Married Guy

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  1. What a great find! I appreciate your effort in helping married, and single men, that are enticed by or addicted to sexual sin. Praise God for your boldness to openly share resources!